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001_rose of tralee agrina 13thaug001_Rose of Tralee ball005_Rose of Tralee ball007_Rose of Tralee ball008_rose of tralee 13thaug010_rose of tralee agrina 13thaug016_rose of tralee agrina 13thaug019_rose of tralee 13thaug022_rose of tralee 13thaug026_rose of tralee 13thaug028_rose of tralee agrina 13thaug030_rose of tralee agrina 13thaug032_Rose of Tralee ball034_rose of tralee 13thaug035_Rose of Tralee_043_rose of tralee agrina 13thaug046_rose of tralee 13thaug049_Rose of Tralee ball049_Rose of Tralee_050_Rose of Tralee ball

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